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Welding in Chennai has been one of the evergreen businesses that has existed ever in the city. A plethora of welding contractors can be found in the city which range from a small newly begun workshop to a well established giant in the market with magnificent technical expertise gained over years of technical experience. Welding has been extensively used in almost all fields, some of which are construction and manufacturing.

These days, not even a single fabrication work comes to completion without the use of welding. The application of welding in construction industry is itself a massive in number. Hand rails, trusses, steel structures, temporary scaffoldings, window frames, grilles, all these could not have been possible without a dominant role of welding.

We are a company that has been providing welding services for various fabrication works with utmost dedication and quality. Based in Chennai, one of the well know industrial and automobile hubs of the nation, we carry a huge responsibility upon over shoulders to take the services and capability of welding in Chennai to the next level. We have been specializing in the following types of welding services:

TIG welding in Chennai
Mig welding in Chennai
Arc welding in Chennai

A team of well talented welders who have work with artist like workmanship working hand in hand with well qualified and highly experienced engineers and professional who have mastered the various aspects of welding technology, we have been able to contributing consistently to boost the industry of welding in Chennai.

Tig welding in Chennai is nothing new to the industry. This has been offered by the welding contractors for many decades. Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding works on the principle of producing heat when and electric arc is struck between the job and the Tungsten electrode. In this type of welding, either Argon helium or mixtures of Argon-helium or Argon-oxygen are used as the "inert" gases. This welding is generally used up to a thickness of 6mm. Some of the base metals that can be welded using this type of welding are: carbon and alloy steels, stainless steels, heat resisting alloys and a host of refractory metals.

MIG welding in Chennai has also been a familiar name in the industry. Unlike TIG welding, in this type of welding a continuously fed metal is used to strike an arc with the job to be welded. These are ideal for applications that involve joint designs like: Butt, T, lap and corner. This is the best possible choice for base metals like magnesium alloys, copper alloys and aluminium alloys.

Arc welding in Chennai is very commonly used than the above two types of welding in construction. The reason is that it is cheap and efficient. This type of welding operated with either AC or DC power sources. Most of the stainless steel and mild steel fabrication makes use of this type of welding.

We, as a welding company specialize in all of the above and can help you in choose the one that would suit your requirement the best. Get a free quote and get captivated by the experience of working with the experts of the industry.
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